International Foundation for Social Adaptation

The Foundation's mission – the development of civil society organizations and local communities as a basis for social adaptation of the population of Ukraine to the transition to civil society with a market system of relations. Effective organization and implementation of social projects in Ukraine.  >>>Read more



Historical background
International Foundation for Social Adaptation (IFSA) was established on December 13, 1998. The Foundation was a continuation of the program "Social adaptation of military personnel" conducted by the International Fund "Renaissance".


IFSA founders:


  1. George Soros (US citizen)
  2. Foundation «IBC - Assistance Foundation (Liechtenstein)

The IFSA is registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on March 22, 1999, registration number 2204.
The first joint meeting of the governing bodies - the Board, Supervisory Board and IFSA administration was held on 31 March 1999.


The members of the Supervisory Board:

  • Pavlo Shysholin, Colonel General ,First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for State Border Protection of Ukraine - Chief of Staff of Border Forces of Ukraine;
  • Sergiy Komisarenko - Director of the Institute of Biochemistry of NAS of Ukraine;
  • Mykola Kravtsiv- General, Senior military representative of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine;
  • Oleksandr Shnipko - Vice-President of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The Board of Directors was approved by the founders, consisting of:

Head - Major-General Vadym Hrechaninov, President of the Atlantic Council of Ukraine;

Board members:    Hennadiy Aksenov – IFSA President;
                            Oleksandr Doniy - Deputy Director of the Center of Political Analysis and forecasting;
                            Valeriy Piatak - Director of Business Support - NewBiznet, Lviv;
                            Vsevolod Rozanov, professor of ecology Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute;
                            Sergiy Chekhov, Commercial Director of LLC "Epos"


Administration of the Foundation:

                                Hennadiy Aksenov - President;
                                Vladimir Rubtsov - Vice President;
                                Oleksandr Zdorenko - coordinator of "Social adaptation of military officers" program;
                                Valeriy Dubovetsky - coordinator of the program "Support of small business";
                                Arkadiy Tereshchenko - lawyer;
                                Sergiy Nevynskyy - Assistant to the President;
                                Yuriy Kovalenko - administrator;
                                Tetyana Muryksina - Office Manager;
                                Andriy Chuyenko - CFO