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Graduation of the "Ukraine-Norway" project participants in Chernivtsi

On May 31, 2017 in the Marble Hall of the University there took place a ceremony of awarding certificates to the participants of the courses for the military retired personnel and their families during the spring semester trained at the Faculty of Economics of Chernivtsi National University” in the specialty of “Organization and management of business activities."
The group of 30 military personnel and their family members, including 17 ATO participants, received the certificates of retraining from Chernivtsi National University and Nord University (Bodo, Norway).


"Ukraine-Norway”project - solemn graduation ceremony in Ivano-Frankivsk

On May 25, 2017 in Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas there was held a solemn event dedicated to the graduation of 30 participants of the "Ukraine - Norway” project . The trainees were retrained at a 500-hour training program in the specialty of "Energy Management" and received assistance in legal, psychological adaptation and employment.
All the organizers and main executors of the project attended the event: Vice-Rector for Research Oleh Karpash, Head of the Department of Energy Management and Technical Diagnostics Petr Reiter, Director of the Energy Institute Maksym Karpash, Assistant of the Department of Energy Management and Technical Diagnostics Olha Popovych, IFSA President Volodymyr Rubtsov.

On 24 May in Lviv there was held a ceremonial graduation of the"Ukraine-Norway" project participants in Ukrainian Catholic University

On 24 May in Lviv there was held a ceremonial graduation of the"Ukraine-Norway" project participants in Ukrainian Catholic University. Thirty men had learned new skills at the base of the Lviv business school at UCU and received assistance in matters of social adaptation, legal adaptation, in preparation for the opening of the business and employment from the NGO “Western Ukrainian Initiative Group”.


The appeal of the Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine Ole Terje Horpestad to the graduates of the "Ukraine-Norway" project in honor of the completion of the spring semester 2017.


On May 16, a ceremonial graduation of the "Ukraine-Norway" project participants was held in Chernihiv.

Sixty-five graduates (retired servicemen, demobilized ATO participants members and their family members) underwent professional retraining in the specialties "Entrepreneurship in the field of hotel and restaurant business" (32 people) and "Internet technologies in business and WEB design" (33 people). Psychological assistance and legal adaptation, as well as employment assistance, was provided by the NGO "Chernihiv European", which will accompany the listeners for at least another year after their participation in the project. The graduates received joint diplomas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of Norway, joint certificates of Nord University (Norway) and ChNTU (Ukraine) and the certificates of the ChNTU.


Kjære norske partnere, Gratulerer med dagen!

Kjære norske partnere, Gratulerer med dagen! Norge er en ekte venn av Ukraina, så i dag feirer vi sammen!

Lenge leve Norge!


Сегодня, 17 Мая, Норвегия празднует День Независимости!

17 мая 1814 года Учредительным собранием в Эйдсволле была принята Конституция и провозглашена независимость Норвегии.

Vinnytsia joined the universities of the Alliance, celebrating the completion of the spring semester of the “Ukraine-Norway” project

On May 12, there took place a ceremonial graduation of the participants of the retraining courses for the project "Retraining and social adaptation of servicemen and their family members in Ukraine". The ceremonial event was held in a renovated and specially equipped room, on September 2017, the Center for Norwegian-Ukrainian Cooperation was officially opened.

Серию выпусков по проекту «Украина – Норвегия» открыл Университет Экономики и права КРОК, Киев.

11 мая 2017 года в Университете экономики и права «КРОК» состоялся первый в весеннем семестре этого года выпуск слушателей, завершивших курсовую переподготовку по международному проекту: «Переподготовка и социальная адаптация военнослужащих и членов их семей».
Тридцать три выпускника университета получили Свидетельства об окончании краткосрочных курсов по специальности «Обеспечение безопасности предпринимательской деятельности субъектов хозяйствования в Украине»  от Университета «КРОК», совместный Сертификат Университета «КРОК» и NORD университета, Дипломы Министерства обороны и Министерства иностранных дел Норвегии. Одновременно с переподготовкой, участники проекта получили помощь в психологической и правовой адаптации, трудоустройстве и открытии собственного бизнеса.

Data on the participants of the project "Ukraine-Norway" spring and fall semesters 2015, spring and fall semesters 2016 and spring semester 2017.

In general for five semesters (from January 2015 to June 2017) 2,477 people were retrained.


Data on the participants of the project "Ukraine-Norway" spring semester 2017.

In total in spring semester 2017 485 people were retrained


Norwegian lecturer visits the University as part of the international project "Ukraine - Norway"

On April 24-25 the Norwegian professor from Nord University, Oystein Nyustad conducted a set of guest lectures with the project participants undergoing the retraining in the international "Ukraine - Norway" project in Ivano-Frankivsk.
The main theme of the lectures was “Recycling: Challenges and Opportunities”. On the example of Norway and other countries Oystein demonstrated why it is important to establish a system of waste management (recycling into energy or reusable) and what kind of impact  waste management policy has on the environment. Also at the start of the course he dealt with business ethics.
The lecturer provided the examples and held the discussions on how Norwegian experience (Norway recycled waste - 80%) can be applied in Ukraine as a profitable and socially significant business and new jobs.


In Zaporizhya there opened a new café called "Hata Druziv", which is the realization of the business plan of one of the participants of the “Ukraine-Norway” project, Hlib Ryashintsev

In Zaporizhya there opened a new café called "Hata Druziv", which is the realization of the business plan of one of the participants of the “Ukraine-Norway” project, Hlib Ryashintsev. The special feature of the cafe is it’s specialization in the national Ukrainian cuisine and a unique family, cozy atmosphere.
Hlib Ryashintsev underwent the retraining in the specialty of "Organization of small businesses in the field of architectural and graphic design." The assistance of teachers in the course of retraining made it possible to form the theoretical foundation for starting a business, and participating in trainings - to gain self-confidence and self-reliance. As a result, the former soldier launched a new, interesting business project.


На экономическом факультете для слушателей курсов переподготовки военнослужащих и студентов состоялись лекции норвежского исследователя Университета NORD Ирины Роддвик

В течение 10-11 апреля 2017 года на экономическом факультете Черновицкого национального университета имени Юрия Федьковича с рабочим визитом находилась представитель партнерского Университета NORD (Будо, Норвегия) научный исследователь Ирина Роддвик, которая в рамках украинского-норвежского проекта «Переподготовка и социальная адаптация военнослужащих и членов их семей в Украине» читала лекции для слушателей курсов переподготовки военнослужащих и членов их семей и студентов экономического факультета.

Representative of NORD University Konstantin Timoshenko held classes with the participants of the project "Ukraine-Norway" in Vinnytsia

Last week in Vinnitsa, a representative of NORD University (Norway) Konstantin Timoshenko conducted classes for the participants of the “Ukraine-Norway” project. Konstantin introduced the audience to Norway, presented the country, told about the peculiarities of culture, mentality, political and economic structure of the state.
 The project participants who are being retrained in the specialty "Information Technologies in Business" showed high interest and activity when discussing the topic of the seminar / lecture. Also, the listeners were interested in the peculiarities of doing business in Norway, the system of taxation of entrepreneurial activity, everyday life and culture of Norwegians. One of the important topics discussed during the seminar was the question of the possibility of cooperation of Norwegian business with the beginning entrepreneurs of Vinnytsia.


In Zaporizhzhya, the representative of NORD University (Norway), Lana Berglund, delivered a guest lecture on 29 and 30 March on the basis of Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy

In Zaporizhzhya, the representative of NORD University (Norway), Lana Berglund, delivered a guest lecture on 29 and 30 March on the basis of Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy for the participants of the “Ukraine-Norway” project, who are retraining in the specialty "Organization of small business in the field of architecture and graphic design".
Lana Berglund shared with the audience innovative approaches that contribute to the successful development of small businesses, spoke about the difficulties faced by the entrepreneurs in Norway and Ukraine. The lecturer drew the attention of the project participants to the way in which mental installations affect the approaches to solving business problems. The participants asked the lecturer questions about the specifics of business development in Norway, the state structure, traditions, culture and daily life of the Norwegian people. There was a warm atmosphere and active communication.


Представители МФСА посетили Посольство Королевства Норвегия

4 апреля 2017 состоялась встреча президента МФСА Владимира Рубцова и директора по развитию проектов Яны Козаченко с представителями Посольства Норвегии в Украине, а именно Петтером Бауком, Советником по вопросам сотрудничества и развития, и Мариной Дишльовской, координатором проектов Посольства Королевства Норвегия в Украине. В ходе встречи Яна Козаченко представила особенности и вызовы на пути реализации проекта "Украина-Норвегия" в Украине. Владимир Рубцов рассказал о состоянии дел в вопросе решения проблемы социальной адаптации в Украине.


The organizers of the project "Ukraine - Norway" have prepared a set of informative lectures presented by the Norwegian lecturer Lana Berglund to the project participants of the spring semester. On the first day of classes on real examples of innovative projects, the audience got acquainted with the trends of doing business in Norway.
The lecturer focused on the relationship between the effectiveness of various business areas and the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur, which made former servicemen think about and discover new frontiers for possible business. Particular attention was drawn to the examples of entrepreneurship, based on assistance to people with disabilities and various specific categories of the population. Bright examples of the success stories about the beginning and advancement of business, not only made those present interested, but also sparked heated discussion. Lana Berglund described how the development of technologies and the creative approach to the modern market affects the competitiveness and longevity of the business. The format of presenting the information provided for a discussion which involved all the participants.

The training on self-marketing "Art of self-presentation" is held in Mykolayiv

The ability to present oneself is one of the most important components of competitiveness in the modern labor market. It is not enough to be a knowledgeable, qualified specialist, you still need to be able to convey this fact to a potential employer, correctly and present yourself as a person, as a professional, talk about the experience, outlook, plans for the future, etc., that is to produce a positive impression on the employer , a partner, potential investor or just a new acquaintance. To form the participants' skills of confident behavior and effective self-presentation was the goal of the training.


From a soldier to an effective entrepreneur

The participants of the "Ukraine - Norway" project undergoing the retraining in Ternopil had an opportunity to talk and get useful practical advice from Tetiana Shapovalova during the lecture "From soldier to an effective entrepreneur," who in a simple way introduced the participants to the fundamentals of the development of a business plan, protection of their rights and lobbying SME, pointing a particular attention to the problems and mistakes while identifying business project.


Новости от партнеров проекта «Украина-Норвегия» в Запорожье.

В Запорожье в весеннем семестре осуществляется переподготовка участников проекта по новой специальности «Организация малого бизнеса в сфере архитектурного и графического дизайна». Для достижения успеха в самореализации по данной специальности необходим творческий подход. Развитию креативного видения у слушателей способствуют тренинги по развитию внутреннего личностного потенциала и креативного мышления. Благодаря опыту и индивидуальному подходу, преподавателям профильной кафедры за короткий промежуток времени слушатели научились грамотно переносить на бумагу свои идеи видения малых архитектурных форм.


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