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The second stage of filming an information film about the graduates of the project "Ukraine-Norway" is going on

The second stage of filming an information film about graduates of the project "Ukraine-Norway" is going on. Thanks to our participants for participating the filming, for the time spent, their positive attitude and for sharing their experience, achievements and plans openly. Briefly about the shooting in Lviv, Chernivtsi and Ternopil.

Olga Kostyanets.

Organized with partners a public organization "My Transcarpathia" and a consulting company in Uzhgorod.

Thanks to the assistance of the public organization in the creation of business plans, residents of Transcarpathia have already received several grants. Among the plans is to create a business platform in Uzhgorod. Olga created her own website for her husband's business. Administers the site and pages in social networks on their own projects.



Dmitry Kulinichev.

He works in the service center for ATO participants.

ATO participant, who moved to Lviv from the East of Ukraine. In addition to work is engaged in volunteer activities. Restored to continue his studies at the university in Slovyansk.



Ivanna Kurach.

With her husband and two partners (her husband served with them in the ATO zone) in September 2017, they opened a Zafrair restaurant in Lviv. The main idea is a family restaurant, tasty and interesting Hutsul cuisine. It is planned to open the hostel in the same building. Now in the part of the building where the hostel will soon be located, there’s conducted the repair work. Ivanna and her partners are not going to stop there and plan to develop business in a network of institutions.


4. Taras Kutyansky.

ATO participant.

Together with his brother, he created the production of men's underwear in Lviv. Their own brand "Cavalier" was developed. Products can already be purchased in stores and through the company's website (delivery in Ukraine by Nova Poshta). There are plans for business development. Taras and the team are actively promoting the trademark to the Ukrainian market.


Halyna Derevyanko.

Founder and head of the NGO "Happy Family".

The NGO deals with the problems of large families, and also works with the children of the ATO participants and children from low-income families. The organization's activity is positively marked by the city and regional administration. Halyna plans to organize an international conference in spring 2018 with the involvement of foreign experts on issues of large families. Also Halyna is a professional psychologist and regularly works on this profile with the ATO participants.



Kateryna Mykhailova (Katya More).

Katya is a veteran of ATO, who was wounded during the fighting and the only woman out of the 15 participants of the Ukrainian team, who took part in the "Games of the Unconquered 2017". The tournament was held in Canada from September 24 to 30, and combined more than 550 wounded fighters from 17 countries that competed in 12 adaptive sports disciplines. The national team of Ukraine for the first time took part in these competitions, founded by the British prince Harry. The girl first took the Olympic bow in her hands six months ago (before that she shot from the usual one in 2012, which is completely different from the Olympic one) and took the fourth place in the competitions in the personal championship. The team in the team classification received silver in this category. In April, during the first stage of the film about the participants of the Ukraine-Norway project Katya talked about her plans to make it to these competitions and get the result. And it was very nice today to hear and see how she shared her impressions, having returned 5 days ago from Toronto. Katya is going to continue to practice sports archery and notes that in addition to the sports component, it is also a very good rehabilitation after the injury. She is also going to master the profession of a photographer. She notes that the skills gained during the participation in the project will help her to move in this direction. Katya also noted that it was thanks to her participation in the Ukrainian-Norwegian project that she was able to communicate abroad in English and was going to continue studying it.




Vasyl Tymkiv

ATO participant.

By profession, he is a doctor. Vasyl rented a room and opened a massage room (in early summer 2017). He plans to develop in the medical field (physio-therapeutic services). The massage room is only the first stage including working with children, patients with cerebral palsy (rehabilitation programs). Vasyl notes the importance of training in social adaptation, which help overcome psychological problems after participating in hostilities. This positively affects not only self-fulfillment in work, but also relationships within the family. Also, the graduate highly appreciates the practical orientation and adaptability of the retraining course for the real needs of the participants. Information about the new massage room is already spreading around the city by the method of word-of-mouth and gradually, but surely, the number of clients is growing.



Lyudmyla Tkachuk (ATO participant’s wife)

the head of Chernivtsi group of the spring semester in 2017.She opened a family business with a son-in-law (son-in-law - reserve officer) - an online store for the sale of computers (new and second-hand) and components of "Notik". The shop is already working. There is a room (office-warehouse). Lyudmyla especially notes the benefits of training in recruiting and working with the team, as well as the importance of training in business psychology. Among the positive aspects, she also noted the complexity of the supply of material necessary to start their own business: accounting, legal aspects, taxation, choice of type of enterprise, etc. Lyudmyla also has a passion that can gradually grow into a separate small business. First, she decorated old computer monitor, which became an art object for the decoration of the shop window. Now Lyudmyla makes handmade exclusive things for decorating the interior (in the format of souvenirs). Now she studies demand, forms assortment and thinks over strategy of promotion and transfer of a new hobby to a level of business. Her husband, too, was retrained, but is still finishing the service (he is a military doctor). She noted that it is very useful to go to classes together, that it motivates, gives topics for discussion and stimulates the emergence of an idea for new directions of the family business. It is important to note that the participants of the previous group actively maintain contact with each other and are planning to hold a meeting in the near future. Lyudmyla also takes an active part in the new semester, not as a participant, but as a graduate-mentor. She attends optional classes in English with the new group.



Andriy Kravchenko (ATO participant) and Larysa Kravchenko.

Spouses work together in the sale of electric cables (a branch of the cable plant "Tumen"). After participating in the project, they changed their approach to work. This is not the sale of the cable, but the provision of cable products by the core companies and now it is not work in the company, but, in practice, their own business. The development goes in the company as a whole, business required development and the position of the branch director allowed Andriy and Larysa to work as a structural unit. Now it is a branch where Andriy is the director, and Larysa is the manager. Previously, Andriy had a manager's position, then Larysa replaced him in this position, while her husband was in ATO. Previously, she was a teacher in the college, but she chose to keep her husband's work and, together with him, to further develop the common cause. Recently, sales volumes have grown and the branch is actively developing. In the longer term, the family sees the creation of their own business in the agrarian sphere. Larysa noted the professionalism and competence of teachers working with participants of the Ukraine-Norway project in Chernivtsi. It was important for the listeners to receive practical answers to specific questions. A strong and positive impression on graduates was made by Natalia Filipchuk, working with groups as a psychologist. Larysa said that after participating in the project she became more active and self-confident. We wish all graduates and new participants success and self-realization, continue the second stage of filming and prepare for the third in December 2017.




Valery Volynets.

ATO participant. He launched his seasonal small business on trade (juices, water, kvass of the Volyn producer). He started in early May. He plans to expand it in Ternopil region. Valery said that participation in the project was the impetus for the opening of his business, and this helped the teachers of the project, as well as business practitioners who shared business experience with the participants. A very important positive factor the graduate considers new useful acquaintances, acquired during participation in the project. Especially he notes the practical benefit of the course on accounting that he passed during the retraining. Today and tomorrow Valery visits Chortkiv and Borshchiv to negotiate the installation of their outlets in these cities. As a partner Valery works with his brother. In the long term, the project graduate plans to develop one more business line related to tourism.



Ihor Kekish.

Discharged from the customs service. Ihor said that after many years of public service it was difficult to find a job. The participation in the project helped him. After the completion of the retraining program, Ihor converted the car into a training car and signed a contract with the Ternopil Driving School as a private entrepreneur. Now he conducts practical driving lessons for schoolchildren and theoretical classes for them. The participant of the project noted the importance of using such components of the professional retraining course as accounting and taxation. There are plans to open a new line of business. Already have a business plan. In December, there will be a third stage of the interview and we are waiting for Ihor's story about new steps and achievements.

Vasyl Martyuk.

ATO participant. Director of the Argo-Holding Mriya Charitable Foundation. He is engaged in various charitable projects of the company. Participation in the project gave the graduate new knowledge and a new round of development in the work. The foundation, which he manages, began to implement new projects initiated through participation in the Ukrainian-Norwegian program. Two months ago, a project for separate collection of garbage was launched. Active and complex work is under way with local authorities and municipal services. Vasyl notes the great practical benefit of the lecture of the Norwegian professor from Nord University, a businessman in waste management Oystein Nystad. He believes that this meeting has given certain advantages and knowledge, which he really uses in the current work. In the process of work, other graduates of the Ukraine-Norway project are also involved. An important component of the project he admits to be communication with other members of the group. In the projects of the company "Mriya" he and his colleagues try to unite the ATO participants and help them in the development of business in the agrarian direction (on the example of creating cooperatives).



Igor Dyba.

ATO participant. He is employed in the banking sector, but after the contract terminated was left without work. After participating in the project, he changed jobs and is responsible for the security system of the company "Rush", the trading network “Eva” in Ternopil region. He has been working at a new job since September 11, 2017. Ihor says that the acquired skills of working with 1C, accounting, were especially useful in the new place. He also thinks about creating his own business in the future, but in the near future he plans to develop and get experience on a new job. Work on the economic security of the enterprise is structural, includes the control of the whole process of trade from the receipt of goods to its implementation, the process of collection, etc. A significant part of the work is related to document circulation. Ihor has about 40 staff members in his subordination. With the expansion of the company, he is ready to take under his leadership other former servicemen and members of the ATO. A major role was played by psychological adaptation, which he took part in the project. Psychological adaptation positively influenced the relations in the family. The plans also include the creation of a garbage recycling enterprise in cooperation with partners. One of the catalysts for starting work in this direction was communication with a professor from Norway Oystein Nystad, who lectured on waste management policies to a group of project participants in the spring semester of 2017.



Vasyl Fostakovski.

Family member of the serviceman. Now, the head of the OSBB of three houses in Ternopil. After participating in the project, I became more confident in my abilities and began to trust myself more. The work has become more, and this stimulates and gives confidence and increases responsibility to people. And it became easier to communicate with people after the training in the project. In parallel with his work in the OSBB, Vasyl is engaged in jurisprudence and gives advice to legal entities and individuals (the first one is legal). After the courses, this direction was activated and now it has developed. The graduate uses in his work the information that Professor Oystein Nustad gave at the lectures. With colleagues, they conduct active information work among the population on the eve of changes in legislation in the sphere of waste management policy. They are socially responsible and ready-to-be in the region. One more area that Vasyl is engaged in is the IT sphere. In this key, the knowledge gained in the business planning classes helps. After the courses, he intensified and initiated work with other OSBBs in preparation for waste sorting and recycling.



Oleksandr Hrytskiv.

Son of the former serviceman. He has long wanted to learn how to work with 1C and now uses these skills in his work. After participating in the project, he studied the increase in work and became the head of the purchasing department at OOO Plant "Rempobuttehnika". He also uses the skills of a foreign language. Oleksandr notes that it was interesting and useful to have classes that were conducted by people who have real experience in business, this helps to find a way for development. Retraining courses gave impetus, an incentive to develop more actively and based on knowledge and practical skills. Oleksandr thinks about his own business in the future, and he has many developments in the near future. He noted that he likes the work and feels more confident. The group was actively communicating with the teachers of the project, the participants asked the lecturers. For a new post it was necessary: ability to work with people, knowledge of the 1C program, foreign language skills. All this and even more Oleksandr was able to get involved in the Ukrainian-Norwegian project. He added that the courses give people options for what to do next. And this, often, specific options. And further success depends on each person.
OOO Plant "Rempobuttehnika" is engaged in electrical and panel equipment, metal structures. The department headed by Alexander is engaged in the purchase of materials and components for this production.


Victor Melnik.

ATO participant. After the participation in the project Victor began to run his own business - he opened a trading pavilion in the village of Zarvanytsia. He built the pavilion with his own hands. The plans for the development of business in a larger cafe, and, perhaps, a restaurant. The chosen place is actively visited by tourists, as the Spiritual Center with the functioning cathedral, monastery, churches is very near. The business was created from scratch, "Not even from a flat place, but from the pit that I leveled and built my own shopping kiosk with my own hands," Victor says. Trade has been going on for several months. The business is seasonal, but during the season, trade is active, as a large number of pilgrims and tourists visit the shrine. In the off-season, the graduate will be engaged in planning further development. The pavilion works like a mini-cafe, Victor noted that the place is very busy with tourists during the season and he created an active competition, as he organized a recreation area with tables and chairs. The participant emphasized that the knowledge and skills acquired during the participation in the program, as well as subsequent individual consultations on specific issues, which he addressed to the teachers, were very helpful. The main thing that Viktor received from the project, he believes gained confidence in their abilities. "The sun shines to everyone, if others can, then why can not I?" - he shares his impressions. A very important aspect, he noted the work with the group's psychologist and with people who have gone through a similar difficult life experience. After participating in ATO, Victor found it hard to find himself in life, but now he is confident in himself, sees the prospect and gets pleasure from what he is getting.


Andriy Babyar.

ATO paticipant. Andriy is currently working in the state enterprise "Ukrspirt" in the field of security management. In the current work, he uses some knowledge and skills gained during participation in the project, for example - planning. In the plans of Andriy is creation of a family apple orchard. Andriy calls it a dream, but already confidently realizes the first steps. Now he draws up the right to land (already at the final stage) and will continue to implement this idea. Andrew consults with experts of the region on the selection of apple tree variety, attends specialized seminars of agrarian subjects, calculates the business plan in detail and selects the best equipment for the care of the garden. Has already decided on the supplier of seedlings. I chose the technology of seeding with pre-planting crops that preceded the planting of seedlings. Remembering the participation in the project, Andriy notes a clear and adapted approach to the audience. Teachers adapt the course for adults. The psychological component is important. Free communication in a group of adult experienced people, many of whom have passed through ATO, contributes to good results. In psychological terms, not only the group's psychologist, but also all the teachers worked with the participants, correctly arranging the material, choosing the communication approach. In the autumn semester of 2017, two friends of Andrey (on his recommendation), with whom he served in the ATO zone, take part in the Ukraine-Norway project in Ternopil. It is very useful to study classes on finance, banking law. After the completion of the retraining program, Andrey maintains a constant contact with the teachers and organizers of the project in the region.