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The participants of the "Ukraine-Norway" project joined the planting of a new Melitopol park

The “Ukraine-Norway" project participants have traditionally participated in the neighborhood clean-up of the Melitopol Institute of State and Municipal Management of the "Classic Private University", which took place on October 24, 2017.


Annually the clean-up takes place within the framework of the citywide action "I Made Melitopol Better", initiated by the local authorities to improve the ecological culture of the city of Melitopol. The territory adjacent to the institute is a park-monument of landscape art of local significance "Student's Grove", located in the municipal subordination.

Together with the students and teachers of the Institute, the project participants gathered dry leaves, branches, flowerbeds, swept tracks and collected garbage in the last warm autumn day by a cohesive team. In a friendly atmosphere and accompanied by a noisy, cheerful music, the work in the fresh air flew imperceptibly. Former servicemen have served as the example of coordinated work and a clear implementation of the task to the younger  generation. With such a vivid example, students were full of enthusiasm and a desire to bring order and purity. Within a few hours the territory around the institute has already shined with purity.

Every year in the park, the number of young trees and other decorative plantings increases, so today, the juniper was planted in the central flowerbed. Together with the project participants, the head of the NGO "Union of Military Personnel “Leader" Hennadiy Konovalenko joined the campaign of tree planting. It is not the first trees planted by the former soldiers." It is very symbolic that the project participants of each semester leave a mention of the efforts and sincere help the institute. Due to such a tradition, through years there will already be an alley of trees planted by each group of the project participants.

Joint clean-ups with the project participants in spring and autumn have already become an integral part of the social adaptation measures, a way to attract enthusiasm for all the participants, and provide additional opportunity for friendly communication in the after-class period. It is pleasant to note that not only project participants, but also the graduates of the project "Ukraine-Norway" and the command of the Melitopol military units always respond to the invitation of the institute and actively participate in all events. MISMM "CPU" sincerely thanks everybody for participating in the clean-up party!

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