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In the Odessa region, the second stage of filming the materials for an information film about the graduates of the "Ukraine-Norway" project took place


On October 26, in Dobroslav and the surrounding settlements (Lymanskyi district, Odesa region), the second stage of shooting of the materials for an information film about the graduates of the "Ukraine-Norway" project took place.


The graduates of the spring semester of 2017 took part in the shootings having undergone the professional retraining in the specialty "Business Management". Some graduates defended their business plans, developed during the participation in the project. The composition of the competition commission included the representatives of local administrations. Based on the results, eight business plans were recognized as the best ones and received grants from local budgets for implementation. Two more projects with a higher budget were submitted to the Administration of the Odesa region for further consideration.
Briefly about the participants of filming:


1. Oleksandr Holopatelyuk
ATO participant


He has registered as an entrepreneur. One of the main directions is tourism. The launch of the travel agency is planned in early 2018, now he is actively preparing a base for this. Oleksandr also considers the creation of a solar power plant in the district as a business development direction. Currently, the issue of land allocation for the placement of solar panels is being solved. In the interview, the graduate told that during and after the participation in the project he revised his way of life, began to manage his time differently and to deal with information. He actively studies the English language, since he considers this important and necessary, because now there is an active process of Ukraine's integration into the world community. He is successfully exercising the "visa-free" and while planning the tourism business takes into account the advantages and features of a visa-free regime when drafting offers to the customers.
As a feedback on the "Ukraine-Norway" project he notes the importance and relevance of the information on legal and economic aspects. The main achievement of the project is that its participants are aimed at self-development and self-improvement.


2. Mykola Pavlin
Serviceman, completes service, prepares for demobilization.

He collects money for his sheep farm, finalizes the business plan, selects a place, premises, suppliers. He is also looking for partners, studying the technological aspects of cheese production.


3. Lyubov Babych
Daughter of a serviceman, ATO participant


She herself brings up two children (8 years and 2 years old), lives in an isolated farmstead with 24 houses. She is fascinated by the dream of creating her own business, not going to work as a hired employee, so as not to leave children alone at home. During her participation in the project, she developed a business plan for the creation of a sheep farm, received funding from the district administration and launched her family business.
Lyuba and her family were engaged in sheep farming before, but her mother fell ill and the family had to sell everything to pay for the surgery. At that time her father left for ATO.
The graduate notes that the teachers are very sensitive and constantly in touch with the participants, answer questions, give advice. Also, the participation in the project served as a psychological detente, strongly changed thinking. Though she had a dream, she did not know where to start from and was very afraid of making a mistake. The courses triggered to take concrete steps, teachers helped very much.
Lyuba plans to start with the family business, and then develop the farm to 300 sheep, hire employees. She is negotiating with the village council to rent a site and build a sheep farm there.
To attend classes and trainings in Dobroslav Lyuba went from the farmstead, on a moped to another village, and then by bus. She notes that the project has expanded her comfort zone. The psychologist has helped very much to believe in herself and to seek a way out of any difficult situation. Lyuba found the solution and confidently moves on. The key to success is cooperation with a public organization in defending people’s rights and finding new partners.


4. Oleksandr Korytov
He changed his place of work.


He previously worked in the district administration. The new scope of work is connected with the management of projects from agricultural to the industry (investment plans, etc.) areas. An important achievement of Oleksandr is the fact that now he is an entrepreneur. The participation in the project gave him the confidence that if started, everything will work. He remembers the information given by the Norwegian lecturer Baard Michalsen at the lectures due to the simplicity of the presentation and the relevance of the topics. Now Oleksandr is cooperation with his clients by proxy, but in the nearest future he intends to undergo additional training and obtain an attorney's license and register a private entity.

5.Volodymyr Kalyuzhny
Head of the NGO "Veterans of the ATO of the Lymanshchyna"


Volodymyr notes that the success of the project was achieved thanks to the close and effective cooperation of partners: the NGO and the Odesa Black Sea Center for Conversion of Military Personnel, the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after KD Ushinsky, the NGO "Veterans of the ATO of the Lymanshchyna", district and local employment center.
During the participation in the project, the participants became friends and continue to communicate, help each other.
The development of Volodymyr’s buisness is somehow slower than it could be, since he leads many projects, as the head of the NGO, helping his comrades.
Participation in the project expanded his prospects, he and his wife developed a business project, it became easier to calculate costs, profits, etc.
We asked Volodymyr: "How has the group of the participants changed during the project?" He replied that many of those who participated in the project were the first to receive knowledge of business activities. They began to understand that they can create their own business, which is real. They began to implement their plans, which will not only provide them with finances, but also help increase psychological stability. With participation in the project, people were involved in the process of communicating with each other. Volodymyr notes that the graduates who received funding for business projects already communicate among themselves as entrepreneurs. And there is already a positive rumor around the area and the potential wholesale buyers are starting to contact them. Thanks to participation in the symposium "Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation: education, research and business", which took place in Lviv in May 2017, the NGO "Veterans of the ATO of the Lymanshchyna" formed even closer interaction with Ushinsky University and now new joint projects are being developed . He, as a participant in the project and leader of the NGO, was interested to see what is happening in other regions, as partners of the “Ukraine-Norway” project in different cities interact with veteran organizations. Perhaps the future of Vladimir Kalyuzhny is in his active participation in social activities and the development of social projects.

6.Andriy and Olena Lebedovych
Andriy is an ATO participant, Olena is his wife


Andriy and Olena told that participation in the project helped to prioritize in their lives, especially they benefited from the lessons of psychology. Teachers and coaches helped them to clearly formulate real goals and move towards them. The project contributed to the implementation of the plan, the family developed a detailed business project and received a grant from the district administration. For several years they thought about creating a walnut garden and now the dream gradually becomes a reality.
Of great importance is the quality of seedlings and the entrepreneurs have previously conducted an experiment with the planting of a small number of nut trees of different types. Now their garden consists of 250 seedlings, of which 45 are already grown on their own, and getting financing for a business plan will make it possible to purchase the rest. The courses taught the participants to plan. Now it is much easier for them to make a plan and then refine the details. The family has other plans for business development. Andriy notes that his friends from the NGO “Veterans of the ATO of the Lymanshchyna” also help.


7. Oksana Kadychnikova
Wife of ATO participant


Oksana started entrepreneurial activity with breeding broiler chickens. After developing and defending her business plan, she received a grant from the district administration. The participant shares her memories: "At first it was scary whether it would work for me or not. The most difficult part was to start, but now it's easier. I don’t experience the lack of knowledge anymore, the quality of training was quite high, but also helped to broaden the horizon, gain self-confidence. "
The registration of private entity didn’t cause many problems. The teachers helped with the creation of a business plan. The legal aspects that Oksana was taking in the classroom as a participant in the project were very important. The classes with the psychologist were also effective and important. Oksana stays in touch with other alumni.


8. Victor Maguryan
ATO participant


Victor actively participated in the creation of the agricultural cooperative "Veterans of the ATO of the Lymanshchyna". According to grant application, the cooperative received a new tractor and equipment for it. The technology is already used in agriculture. Victor is also planning to launch his own individual business, but next year. Now he is actively involved in the development of the joint business (in the co-operative society there is his patch of land). The idea of creating a co-operative society arose in the process of participating in the “Ukraine-Norway” project. The courses provided additional knowledge, including legal ones. The classes on business planning helped.


9. Alina and Yuri Telychko
Yuri is an ATO participant. Alina took part in the project (wife)


Yuri had an experience of military service in Iraq and already had combat experience. Then he was called up to ATO. The participation in the project helped Alina and Yuri understand how to conduct their business. Now they have registered a private entity and they are conducting a legal business. Even before participating in the project, they received a grant to purchase 2 cows from the local administration. Immediately the question arose: How to build this business furtherly? Participation in the project helped to gain knowledge, create a business plan and not only register an enterprise and start a business correctly, but also get a new grant on the basis of a developed business project of 50,000 UAH for the purchase of 2 more cows and equipment for cheese production.
The graduates became more confident in themselves, built a development perspective. The obtained legal knowledge helps to work officially and to implement their plans. Alina and Yuri confidently say that being entrepreneurs is both pleasant and interesting. The most important thing is that you have time to spend it with children (the son is a schoolboy, and the youngest daughter is only 1.5 months old). The family will develop their business furtherly. Also they are planning to engage in chickens business and in the long term to transfer activities to a full-fledged farm. The main product now is homemade brynza (a special kind of cheese made in Ukraine). A by-product received from the production of cheese is whey which is very suitable for pigs and cows, which makes farming even more profitable.
The third stage of filming in the Lyman district is scheduled for December 20.