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In Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy, the participants of the “Ukraine-Norway” project, which are undergoing the retraining in the specialty "Organization of Small Business: IT in the field of design", received new knowledge on project activities in business


The participants of the fall semester got an opportunity to get acquainted with the theory and practice of project activity in entrepreneurship, thanks to the lecture given by Tetyana Shapovalova, who visited the Academy on November 6.



The lecturer shared with the audience her experience of project activity, introduced the participants with modern approaches to the preparation of a business plan. The participants learned how the business planning process can use techniques and technologies that simplify the process of project preparation, and minimize the risk of error. The issues of the spread of the practice of social entrepreneurship and its perspectives in Ukraine were of considerable interest to those present.
During the lecture there was a lively discussion, the listeners asked a lot of questions and received competent answers and recommendations regarding the prospects of realizing their own ideas. The lecture raised the live interest of the listeners. The lecturer worked with the participants without any breaks, and at the end of the lecture, the audience did not let Tetyana ask a lot of questions and was interested in her experience in project activities.
During his visit to Zaporizhzhya Ms.Shapovalova introduced a new manual to the participants of the project, which is a kind of guide to the creation of an innovative project and a comprehensive justification of its expediency. Project participants immediately assessed its relevance and usefulness. Many students, taking advantage of the opportunity, received an autograph from the author of the book and wishes for success and inspiration on the way of creating their own business.

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