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The participants of the “Ukraine-Norway” project in Melitopol participate in the open lecture on decentralization in Zaporizhzhya region

The task of reforming municipal government and local self-government within the framework of decentralization of government in Ukraine is becoming increasingly urgent and requires the formation of a cohort of new professionals in the field of management of the territorial community.

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That is why, for the third semester in the Melitopol Institute of State and Municipal Management of the "Classic Private University", the participants of the “Ukraine-Norway” project acquire new education in the field of "Municipal Administration". The process of training and social adaptation of former servicemen consists of studying the theoretical and legal basis, mastering practical skills in specialized city institutions and participation of students in the institute and city-wide scientific and practical events.

On November 1, 2017, the participants of the “Ukraine-Norway’ project participated in the seminar "Decentralization Reform - The Basis for Regional Development in Ukraine" devoted to the concept of reforming local self-government, the state of reform implementation in Zaporizhzhya Oblast and sectoral reforms. The organizers of the event were Zaporizhzhya Center for Local Self-Government Development. The participants of the Ukraine-Norway project took active part in the seminar, were able to acquire new information, find answers to the questions and share their views on the areas of further improvement of the municipal administration.

Participation in such open events can increase the level of training of students and gain additional knowledge and skills of a professional who can adequately defend the interests of the country's population.


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