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The Melitopol participants of the fall semester of the “Ukraine-Norway” project received diplomas and mastered a new profession

The the fall semester of the project "Ukraine-Norway" in Melitopol has come to its end.


This year the diploma delivery coincided with the celebration of December 6 of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Project organizers were invited to the official event of the Melitopol Aviation Brigade Officers' House. Volodymyr Rubtsov, Marina Radeva and Hennadiy Konovalenko attended a significant event - six servicemen got the keys to their new apartments for a selfless service for the benefit of the country. After greetings from the city authorities and command of the concert, the ceremony was finished with the film dedicated to the deceased IL-76 crew. The organizers of the "Ukraine-Norway" project jointly with the authorities honored the feat and glory of the courageous pilots, having put fresh flowers on the memorial in their honor.
At a festive mood in the evening, the participants of the project gathered at the Melitopol Institute of State and Municipal Management of the "Classic Private University" for the ceremony of solemn diploma issuance. Traditionally, the opening of the event was held to the sound of national anthems of Ukraine and the Kingdom of Norway. The event was attended by the guest graduates, permanent partners and project organizers - IFSA President Volodymyr Rubtsov, director of the MISMM CPU Marina Radeva, head of the board of the NGO" Military Association "Leader" Hennady Konovalenko, military commissar of Melitopol and Melitopol district Oleksandr Lushnikov and a deputy of Melitopol city mayor. For the sake of Serhiy Kasyarum, the words of greetings of guests alternated with military songs and dances performed by the students of MISMM CPU. Volodymyr Rubtsov personally handed diplomas with warm wishes with the words and instructions of the graduates before the new stage in their professional and personal life.
After the solemn ceremony, all present were treated to a festive self-service catering, where the listeners had the opportunity to relax and talk. In a friendly environment, the graduates greeted each other on a special occasion, recalled funny incidents during their studies and sadly said good bye. These very touching moments once again confirm the importance of the Ukraine-Norway project, which opens up new horizons for personal accomplishments and confidence in the future of former military personnel.

The materials are provided by the MISMM CPU