About IFSA


  • International Charitable Foundation "International Foundation for Social Adaptation".


  • Vladimir Rubtsov, President.
  • Tatiana Lvova, CFO
  • Olga Filina, Coordinator of the “Norway-Ukraine"  project

The Foundation's mission - the development of civil society organizations and local communities as a basis for social adaptation of the population of Ukraine to the transition to civil society with a market system of relations. Effective organization and implementation of social projects in Ukraine.

The purpose of the Foundation - contribute to the improvement of social and economic status of the population of Ukraine.


IFSA was founded on March 22, 1999.

As of today, the main activity of the IFSA is to organize and conduct international project “Norway-Ukraine.  Professional adaptation.  Integration into the state system" (NUPASS), funded by the Kingdom of Norway.

The aim of the project - to remove social tensions among officers related with a massive reduction in the Armed Forces and to promote social adaptation of the officers and their family members to the conditions of civil life.

The program has been effectively implemented in Ukraine for more than 16 years and is by far the most ambitious in geography and number of participants retrained and integrated content (retraining, psychological adaptation, employment assistance).

The project "Norway - Ukraine" is unique in Ukraine in terms of its integrated approach towards both military officers and their family members who also gained the right to become project participants .
The financing is fully provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

The partner of the “Norway - Ukraine” project from the Norwegian part is the NORD University (Bodø). The organizer of the project in Ukraine is the International Foundation for Social Adaptation.

The executors of the project on the Ukrainian part are: Universities, public organization of veterans of the Armed Forces, businesses and organizations professionally oriented to social problems.

NOTA BENE! The project does not promote any political force or personality.

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International Foundation for Social Adaptation has been operating in Ukraine since 1999 and has implemented a number of social projects. Historical data (read more).

At the moment, the Foundation is working on implementation of several concurrent relevant to society projects.