Partnership is important. Graduates of the Ukraine-Norway project and the NGO "Union of Military Personnel" Leader "help the CPU's MES to fight the consequences of a hurricane.


The natural disaster of June 9 unexpectedly hit the inhabitants of the city of Melitopol. For more than an hour there was a storm with heavy rain and strong wind gusts, sometimes there were tornadoes. The largest storm destroyed the roof of the Melitopol Institute of State and Municipal Management "Classic Private University". As a result of large-scale disaster, audiences, an official car and a decked front entrance are also damaged.

Among other damages:

  • Through the entire area of ​​the building (630 mkv.) the hurricane tore up the roof;
  • the upper ranks of the brick were destroyed;
  • drainage system drained;
  • partially destroyed the ceiling between the roof and the second floor;
  • As a result of the shower and the destruction of the roof of the flooded auditorium and rooms on the 2nd floor of 10 cm.
  • Computer equipment was damaged on the second floor in the computer class №1 (15 units were flooded with water, 7 of them failed), Ukraine-Norway class (10 units were flooded with water, 8 out of order, 5 monitors out of order, video projector completely filled with water, not subject to repair), accounting (server failed), training department (2 monitors and printer were damaged).
  • The wiring has failed due to the complete wetting of walls and ceilings;
  • the floor of the first floor was damaged as a result of flooding by 15 cm on the floor from the storm flow flowing from Kakhovsky highway, as the level of the building is lower than the road.

On Monday, June 12, the joint efforts of the staff of students and staff, graduates of the Ukraine-Norway project, NGO "Military Association" Leader "and representatives of the city government and utilities, debris from the building blocks were disassembled in one day. In the rebuilding and repair of the collapsed entrance completely assumed the NGO "Armed Forces" Leader ". Gennady Konovalenko also bought a paint and a tool for painting walls and restoration of the audience. The staff of the Institute expresses its sincere gratitude to everyone who is indifferent for the help and support, such moments show how united the disaster of true friends.