We welcome Uzhhorod becoming a part of the cities where “Ukraine-Norway” project is realized!


On 7 February 2018 in Uzhhorod National University, a meeting took place of the Principal Volodymyr Ivanovych Smolanka with the President of the International Fund for Social Adaptation Volodymyr Rubtsov.


The First Deputy Principal of Uzhhorod National University Slyvka Oleksand Georgiyovych, the Head of Academic Department for Sociology and Social Activities, Transcarpathia region tourism expert, professor Fedir Fedorovych Shandor, representatives of NGO “Our native Transcarpathia” Olga Kostyanets and Serhiy Kusnev, Principal of Chernivtsi National Technological University Sergiy Shkarlet also participated in the event.
The colleagues discussed the plan of “Ukraine-Norway” project realization in the region. Within the visit there were signed two agreements for realization of the project in the region: with Uzhhorod National University, responsible for professional retraining, and with NGO “Our native Transcarpathia”, responsible for assembling training group, psychological and legal adaptation, contribution to employment assistance and further consultative support of the group.
Professional retraining in Uzhhorod will be held according to the qualification “Management of the tourist and hotel-restaurant sphere”. One of the most important things is the fact that the Head of the NGO Olga Kostyanets is the alumna of “Ukraine-Norway” project. In spring of 2017 Olga, after retirement from the Military Forces of Ukraine, moved for more than three months to Lviv to participate in the project. After participation in the project the alumna of the project founded the NGO, remains to be its Head and now becomes responsible person for realization of “Ukraine-Norway” project in her native region.