Serhiy Kucherenko, representative of the Ministry of Denfence of Ukraine, had met with Ukraine-Norway Project participants in Kyiv


On March 19 in Kyiv on the basis of KROK University of Economics and Law was conducted the meeting of Ukraine-Norway Project participants with Serhiy Kucherenko, Head of Social Policy Division, Department of Military Education, Science, Social and Humanitarian Policy , Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.  Serhiy had provided the group with presentation-seminar and covered main issues in activities of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and military personnel retiring from the military service. Significant attention was paid to the legal issues related to retired military officers in context of the acting legislation of Ukraine. After the general information part the meeting continued in question and answers form and lasted more than an hour and a half. Project participants asked a lot of specific questions and each received the comprehensive feedback. We`re kindly grateful to Serhiy Anatoliyovych for useful and substantive event, and fruitful continuous cooperation with the Project!

During 2018-2019 the Department of the Ministry of Defence, headed by Major General Sadovskyi Mykola Stepanovych, focuses its special attention on successful promotion of Ukraine-Norway Project to the regions of Ukraine. IFSA and Department cooperation is an example of qualified and effective resolving of emerging problem – social and professional adaptation of the military officers and their family members to civilian society. In 2019, on Department`s recommendation, on the basis of KROK University of Economics and Law is implemented the pilot project on training of experts on mobilization activity for enterprises of Ukraine. Retired Colonel Serhiy Kucherenko is a frequent visitor to the cities of Project implementation, and he always surprise participants with profound knowledge of legislative base related to the social policy of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and spacious mind in military structure and transition of military career to civilian.