Graduate ceremony of Ukraine-Norway Project spring semester in Mykolaiv


On May 21 in Mykolaiv took place the graduate ceremony of Ukraine-Norway spring semester.                        36 persons passed the professional development on profession “Practical web-design: projecting, development and support of web-sites” on the basis of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University. Non-governmental organization “Military Cadres Conversion” provides the social adaptation and assists in employments. Each participant elaborated the final project to develop the web-site. The guests were provided with on-line demonstration of graduates` projects. Ms. Hanna Nord, Director of Postgraduate Education of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, started the official ceremony with welcoming speech. IFSA was represented by Ms. Olga Filina, Ukraine-Norway Project Coordinator. The regional non-governmental organization was represented by Ms. Tetyana Yablonska, Ms. Olena Drobotun and Mr. Oleksandr Khosiashev.

Project lectors addressed the graduates with welcoming and greeting speeches and underlined that graduation does not mean the end of communication with groups, and in any time they are open for the questions and assistance for participants in their further carrier development.

Also, the Project graduates conveyed their sincere thanks to organizers and lectors. Especially the graduates underlined the important decision to organize the series of trainings during the first week of the spring semester. It assisted in group coordination, communication, creation of friendly atmosphere and made the professional development more efficient. Especial gratitude the group ensured to Ms. Olena Drobotun, psychologist-trainer, for her  important and hard work.

After the official ceremony all the guests were invited to celebratory reception during which continued the communication, informal conversations, celebration of important starting point for each participant of the Project.