Spring semester of Ukraine-Norway Project had officially started at 14 cities of Ukraine


During the period of February 12-26 at 14 cities of Ukraine were conducted events on official opening of spring semester of Ukraine-Norway Project.

Melitopol was the first city for official opening of the Project. The event was hosted on February 12. The participants of the Project were greeted by Maryna Radeeva, Director of Melitopol Institute of State and Municipal Administration KPU, and Hennadiy Konovalenko, Head of NGO “Soldiers union "Leader ".  Also, the opening ceremony visited the permanent partners of Ukraine-Norway Project at Melitopol: Oleksandr Lushnikov, Chief Enlistment Officer, and Iryna Donets, Head of Division for Social Protection of Population of Melitopol City Council. Specialty “Organization of Small Business” is selected for professional retraining in this semester.

On February 13 the Project had started at Zaporizhzhya on the basis of Institute of Engineers of Zaporizhzhya National University (former Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy) with support of NGO “Soldiers union "Leader " on specialty “IT technologies in the field of design”. The opening ceremony addressed the permanent partners of Ukraine-Norway Project at Zaporizhzhya: Volodymyr Podorozhko, Chief of Administration of Executive Branch at Zaporizhzhya Regional Council, Hennadiy Vasylchuk, Vice-Rector for Research of  Zaporizhzhya National University, Major Vladyslav Chumak, Chief Officer of the Group for Moral and Psychological Assistance and Public Affairs. Project participants were greeted by Professor Viktor Banakh and Hennadiy Konovalenko, Head of NGO “Soldiers union "Leader ".  Valeriy Zirka, Chaplain of Inter-confessional Battalion of Military Chaplains, blessed his brothers-in-arms, ATO participants, which will train in this group.

On February 15 the official opening was hosted at Kyiv on the basis of University of Economics and Law "KROK". Specialty “Human Resources Management in Security Sphere” was selected for professional retraining of current group.  Vladimir Rubtsov, Foundation President, and Olga Filina, Coordinator of Ukraine-Norway Project, greeted the participants on behalf of International Foundation for Social Adaptation. The University greetings were presented by Oleksandr Zakharov, Director of Academic and Research Institute for Security Management of KROK University, and Professor Mykola Zubok, Department on Management of Financial and Economic Security. The event was also visited by Oleksandr Pravdyvets, Head of Unit for Military Enlistment and Reserved Occupation of Mobilization Division of the Main Human Resources Division, Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Important that in this semester exactly the representatives of the Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively involved to the Project and will provide the activities on Mobilization training.

Also, on February 15 the Project was opened at Vinnytsia on the basis of Vinnytsia National Technical University jointly with NGO "Center for Social Adaptation and development of the" European Initiative".  Retraining specialty – “Entrepreneurship and information technologies in business”. The event was hosted with participation of Volodymyr Grabko, Rector of Vinnytsia National Technical University, Yuriy Burennikov, Project Coordinator from University, and Nataliya Stashenko, Coordinator from NGO. Also the local mass media representatives were invited to event.

On February 18 the torch was taken by Chernihiv city. The new group of participants after the preliminary testing and entry training had started on specialty “Internet technologies, WEB-design and English in business” on the basis of Chernihiv National Technological University with support of NGO "Chernihiv European".  The event was hosted with participation of Serhiy Shkarlet, Rector of University, Tetyana Kolenichenko, Curator from Chernihiv National Technological University, Ganna Dyvnych, Coordinator from NGO, and other representatives of University and NGO.

On February 19 Kropyvnytskyi became the next city for Project opening. Specialty “Technical innovations in entrepreneurship” was selected for spring semester at Kropyvnytskyi. The professional retraining is provided on the basis of Flight Academy of NAU, and the assistance on psychological adaptation, legal adaptation and employment assistance/starting own business are provided by NGO "European Way 4.0". Serhiy Nedilko, Project Manager from Academy, Hennadiy Siabrenko, Chief Doctor of Regional Hospital for War Veterans, Anna Koleva, Head of Center “KOM-PAS”, Andriy Fomenko, Coordinator of Center “Colovorot”, Ludmyla Gurieva, chief specialist of South Inter-Regional Sector of Service for War Veterans and ATO Participants at Kirovogradska oblast, and Olena Kovalyova, Head of NGO "European Way 4.0" had visited the event to greet the participants with the start of the training semester.

On February 20 the Project had started simultaneously at three cities at the West and South of Ukraine: at Uzhhorod, Ivano-Frankivsk and Dnipro.

At Uzhhorod the group had started the trainings on specialty “Management of the tourist and hotel-restaurant sphere” in Uzhhorod National University. Project partner - NGO “Our native Transcarpathia”. The ceremonial opening was hosted at debating chamber of Regional State Administration of Zakarpatska oblast. Special gratitude was provided to Denys Man for opportunity and greetings from Koguuch Lybov Vasylivna. Except the participants of the current group the event was visited by previous year graduates, Administration of Uzhhorod National University, professors and lecturers, NGO representatives, volunteer students and other guests. With a good tradition the opening ceremony was sounded the Anthems of two states and sincere greetings. Graduates of previous courses sincerely addressed the Project participants and wished them success in new knowledges.

At Ivano-Frankivsk the Project had started on the basis of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas with assistance of NGO “Bureau for development, innovation and technology". The retraining program starts with specialty “Entrepreneurship and Leadership”. The official ceremony was opened by Maksym Karpash, Vice-Rector of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, who personally participates to the activities with each group and ensures control over project implementation.

At Dnipro the participants are retrained on specialty “Energy management” on the basis of National Metallurgical Academy with support of NGO “Soldiers union "Leader". The extra option for participants is the possibility to pass the additional exam and with standard package of graduation documents also receive the certificate ensuring the right to conduct the energy audit.

On February 21 the Project was opened at two different regions – Odesa and Chernivtsi.

At Odesa the “Entrepreneurial management” was approved as the retraining specialty. South Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky is responsible for the training process. In its turn, NGO "Odessa Black Sea Center for conversion of military personnel" supports the organization of events on social adaptation and employment assistance/starting own business. Serhiy Tronko, Vice-Rector of University and Project curator at Odesa, presented the welcome address at official opening ceremony. The participants had met with all lecturers of the trainings, received overview of the program disciplines, trainings, consultations, etc.

At the same day the Project had started at Chernivtsi on the basis of Chernivtsi National Fedkovych University with support of NGO "Center for Economic Development and Social Adaptation". Retraining specialty – “Organization and Business Administration”.  At this semester the Project team does not operate at Chernivtsi city, but at Khotyn where exist the essential need at social adaptation and professional retraining for retired military officers, ATO/JFO participants and their family members.

On February 22 also simultaneously started the West and South of the country – exactly Ternopil and Mykolayiv.

At Mykolayiv the retraining specialty “Business Planning and Organization of Small Business” was selected for this semester. The Project partners - Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University and NGO "Conversion of military personnel" – had agreed with the State oblast Administration of Mykolayiv to hold the competition of business plans for graduates of the Project of this semester and provision of competition grants in amount of 50 000 UAH for realization of the best of it.

The ceremonial event was hosted at Institute of Postgraduate Education of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University. The welcome address was presented by G.L. Nord, Director of Academic and Research Institute of Postgraduate Education of Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, T.M. Yablonska, Head of NGO "Conversion of military personnel", and O.S. Drobotun, Psychologist of the Project. The Project framework engages the lecturers from Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University (professors, doctors in science and experienced businessmen) and famous Ukrainian and international (Norway) speakers. The training shall result in competitive business plans which could be submitted to competitions for financing of own small business from Mykolayiv oblast administration and/or Employment Fund.

The Group numbers 33 persons – 17 ATO/JFO participants and 9 family members of ATO/JFO participants.

At Ternopil the Project is implemented by Ternopil National Economic University jointly with NGO "Educational and Social Innovation". Retraining specialty – “Entrepreneurship”. The ceremonial event was hosted at Exhibition Hall of Ternopil National Economic University. With a good tradition the opening ceremony was sounded the Anthems of two states and sincere greetings from Desiatniuk Oksana Myronivna, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Research (International Relations and Innovative Development).  Graduates of previous years had visited the event to greet the new group. Anastasia Romanyshyn, Viktor Melnyk and Roman Bezkostyi had presented the greeting address and wished the success in gaining the new knowledges.

And on February 26 Lviv had finalized the official opening of the Project. The new group had started the training on specialty “Software Quality Control” on the basis of National University “Lviv Polytechnic” with support of NGO "New Society of Ukraine". Participation to the Project is highly favorable at the region. The entry testing for shortlisting to the group had passed more than 200 persons from which 35 were selected for participation to the Project. At official opening ceremony the participants were greeted by Tatyana Shapoval, representative of Ukraine-Norway Project and Assistant Professor of National University “Lviv Polytechnic”. NGO representatives presented the information related to organization of the training process, trainings and consultations. Also the welcome addresses were provided by Roman Korzh, Vice-Rector of the University, Viktor Yaskov, Director of the Institute for Administration and Postgraduate Education of National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, Volodymyr Pylypchuk, Senior Automation QA Engeneer at New Fair Partners, and Bohdan Rayko, graduate of spring semester of Ukraine-Norway Project who currently passes the additional probation at «SoftServe» company.

All opening ceremonies at each city were sounded with National Anthems of Ukraine and Norway, and hoist the national colors of both states. The regional mass media were invited to events.

We wish the participants the inspiration at mastering of new knowledge and skills, encouragement and good self-realization!