Three business plans of the graduates of the project "Norway-Ukraine" in Uzhgorod received the start-up funding


Thanks to the cooperation of the public organization "Our native Transcarpathia" with the business structures of Transcarpathia, the funds have been raised to co-finance the business ideas of the participants of the autumn semester of 2020 of the project "Norway-Ukraine".  The main criteria for the provision of financing are: the compliance of the project with the goal and objectives of the competition (creation of a family business);  the availability of clear results upon the project completion;  the project relevance;  the project feasibility (ability to complete the project in a certain time frame);  the sustainability of the project;  the cost efficiency of the project; the requested funds for the result;  the applicant's experience in the similar activities.  Based on the evaluation of the submitted projects, the teaching jury selected three participants who were offered the financial support for the ideas.  In particular, these are the projects: "Violets forever" (UAH 15,000), Family farming "Gifts of the mountains" (UAH 12,000), Growing of the peacock (UAH 8,000).

Professor, Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, course teacher Fedir Shandor explained: “Among the presented projects there are those that, thanks to this small funding, will be able to make a breakthrough and start their own business.  Therefore, by choosing who to award, we took into account not only the value of the project, but also how realistic it is to put such an idea into practice thanks to this amount. "


The information from the public organization "Our native Transcarpathia" and from the UzhNU website.