Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine Yuliia Laputina and her Deputy on European Integration Oleksiy Illiashenko held the meetings in Dnipro on cooperation with “Norway-Ukraine” Project


On March 23rd, the University of Customs and Finance in Dnipro hosted a 2-hour working meeting on the development of a pilot program on vocational training in "Cybersecurity" speciality and social adaptation of ATO participants within the framework of "Norway - Ukraine" Project.

A special feature of the Pilot Project is its dual funding: the basic training is financed from the state budget of Ukraine under the social program for ATO veterans’ vocational adaptation (budget program KPKVK 1501040), while the social adaptation measures are funded by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of "Norway - Ukraine" Project and coordinated by the International Foundation for Social Adaptation.

The working meeting was very fruitful as it was attended by the representatives of all key stakeholders in the Project who are of a direct impact on the incorporation of the “Norway-Ukraine” Project model in the state system.

The discussion brought together the Deputy Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine Oleksiy Illiashenko, Rector of the University of Customs and Finance Dmytro Bocharov, all vice-rectors of the University, lecturers of the Cybersecurity and Information Protection Department, representative of "Norway-Ukraine" Project in Dnipro Iryna Sorokina, President of the International Foundation for Social Adaptation Volodymyr Rubtsov (online), Chief of the Department of the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs in Dnipropetrovsk region Alexei Korzh, Chief of the Dnipropetrovsk Cyber Police Department of the Department of Cyber Police of Ukraine, representative of SSU in Dnipropetrovsk region, and others.

The meeting participants discussed many important issues regarding the demand for this speciality, ways of training implementation, governmental support, the curriculum structure, the employment potential for "Cybersecurity" Project graduates, etc.; in result of discussions the next steps in implementation were identified.

On March 24th, the working meetings continued with the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine Yuliia Laputina partaking.

“The Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine actively supports the Project and, within the framework of the governmental program, finances the vocational retraining under the above training course and, at present, the implementation of the system and model for retraining and social adaptation of military personnel and their family members is a priority in the Ministry’s activities”, noted the Minister.

This visit was extremely important for Dnipro, since the governmental support and co-financing is a priority activity for the partners in “Norway-Ukraine” Project for the next 2 years.

We are grateful to all representatives of the Ministry for the comprehensive discussion of the next steps in the implementation of the retraining program at the all-Ukrainian level.

The material has been provided by Iryna Sorokina, Coordinator of the Norway-Ukraine Project in Dnipro.

The news about the event at the website of the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs: