Meeting of the Sectoral Working Group "Social Protection of Veterans" took place in Kyiv


On October 4, a meeting of the Sectoral Working Group at the Ministry of Veterans' Affairs of Ukraine in the field of "Social Protection of Veterans" took place in Kyiv.

The main purpose of the sectoral working group (SWG) is to coordinate logistical assistance with sectoral policy and reform priorities.

The Chairman of the SWG is Oleksiy Illiashenko, Deputy Minister for Veterans’ Affairs on European Integration. Trevor Boyd, Stabilization Advisor and Diplomat of the Political Section of the USA Embassy, was approved as a Co-Chair.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of Ukraine Yulia Laputina opened the event with a welcoming speech. The meeting was moderated by Oleksiy Illiashenko. The establishment of the SWG was agreed with the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which was represented by Rostyslav Tomenchuk with a speech on the event.

For a more effective and focused work of the SWG on the concrete issues, the participants proposed and supported the creation and operation of thematic subgroups within the SWG:

thematic subgroup 1 "Transition from military career to civilian life";

thematic subgroup 2 "Medical, social and psychological rehabilitation of veterans";

thematic subgroup 3 "Protection of veterans' rights";

thematic subgroup 4 "Veterans' development, career guidance, support of veterans' entrepreneurship".

Representatives of all stakeholding Ministries of Ukraine, twelve embassies of different countries and international organizations became representatives of the SWG. On behalf of the International Fundation for Social Adaptation, President Volodymyr Rubtsov and Norway-Ukraine Project Coordinator Olga Filina are included in the Intersectoral Working Group.