A two-day working seminar of coordinators of the "Norway-Ukraine" project was held in Bodø (Norway)


On August 3-4, 2022, a two-day seminar of the "Norway-Ukraine" project coordinators was held in Bodø (Norway) at NORD University. The event was organized in a hybrid format, some participants joined online. The seminar was attended by: Frode Mellemvik – Professor, PhD, Director of NOS, Norway; Anatoli Bourmistrov – Professor, PhD, HHN/NOS, NUPASS project manager, Norway; Olga Iermolenko – Associate Professor, PhD, HHN, NUPASS research manager, Norway; Veronika Vakulenko – Associate Professor, PhD, HHN, NUPASS coordinator, Norway; Valeriya Melnyk – cotutelle PhD student, HHN, Norway & KNU, Ukraine; Volodymyr Rubtsov – IFSA, President, NUPASS project manager, Ukraine; Tetiana Lvova – IFSA, CFO, Ukraine; Olga Filina – IFSA, NUPASS coordinator, PhD, Ukraine.

IFSA presented a detailed report on the project work in the spring semester of 2022 during the full-scale war in Ukraine. It was emphasized that the partner network of the project in critical conditions proved its stability, flexibility, adaptability, ability to work quickly, efficiently and harmoniously, to attract additional resources to solve urgent issues. Olga Iermolenko and Veronika Vakulenko presented the results of the researched effectiveness of the project both for 2020-2021 (based on systematic online surveys of participants and graduates) and for the spring semester of 2022 based on the results of online focus groups. Most of the seminar was devoted to discussing work prospects in the fall semester of 2022 and further opportunities for cooperation after the contract signed until December 2022 expires.

The fall semester of 2022 is the last semester of the current contract, and during this period, even in such a difficult time for Ukraine, we must find ways to implement it, to cooperate with the state authorities regarding the process of integrating the professional and social adaptation model developed by the Norway-Ukraine project into the state system

Currently, we are waiting for a meeting of Frode Mellemvik and Anatoli Bourmistrov with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. Next, an online meeting of the project's international working group will be scheduled (preliminarily - at the end of August).